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Post by Shaz on Tue 16 Feb - 18:20

Thank you SO much JO for all your help!!
We hope these rules do not offend people but like anything we must have some kind of structure to run smoothly Smile

Message Board Rules

Registration to this message board is free. We do, however, insist that you follow the rules and policies that are outlined below. Should you have any questions regarding the rules and policies, please feel free to contact the administrator or the moderators. This message board is provided to educate board members on scrapbooking, stamping and other forms of paper crafts, and services and products brought to you by Craft Candy scrapbooking and craft items. We bring them together in a fun and friendly message board. The message board has been set up to share ideas, tips and techniques as well as form lasting friendships. This message board is not set up to promote other scrapbooking store or websites in any way. With the exception of Individual Consultants or Demonstrators of scrapbooking supplies.

The administrator and moderators will ensure the proper use of the board and that the rules are followed properly. The administrator and moderators will move, lock or delete threads they feel violates the rules and polies and will contact the original poster via pm regarding the particular thread. Constant violation of the rules and policies will result in the member being banned from posting.

Posting and Suggestions

We ask that you post your threads in their proper forums. Threads found in forums where they do not belong will be moved to the proper forum. If you have a suggestion that you would like to mention regarding the message board, please contact the administrator and/or moderators. We will then discuss the suggestion and take the appropriate action needed at that time.

Inappropriate Content

By reading and agreeing to these rules, you will not post any messages that are false and/or defamatory, harassing, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, or otherwise in violation of any laws.

Copyrighted Material

You will not to post any copyrighted material unless you personally and solely hold the copyright. Or you have the legal right to post the pictures of the projects.

Advertising & Solicitation

Advertisements, announcements, and/or solicitations for other scrapbooking stores or websites is prohibited, the distribution of coupons, eBay, Etsy, Craigslist posting etc. are also prohibited.

Independent Consultants and Demonstrators are allowed to have a link to their own site in their signature and/or allowed to post about specials relating to their “business

Unauthorized Personal Information

As this is the internet and a public message board we ask that you refrain from posting phone numbers, addresses and/or names on the forums. This is to protect the privacy for everyone involved unless you have their permission to do so.

The Community

Please respect the opinions and feelings of all of your fellow message board members. Discussions or posts of a controversial nature may be inappropriate for the message board and will be deleted. Threads or topics that contain flames, profanity or statements which question the character / integrity of another are inappropriate and will be deleted. Please also refrain from political and religious debates

Monitoring & Administration

Craft Candy scrapbooking supplies and craft items administrator and moderators will be taking an active role to make sure that the above outlived rules and policies will be followed. We want to make this a fun and carefree forum for all to enjoy and to make sure that everyone is comfortable visiting and posting. Should you have any questions regarding any of the above rules and policies please do not hesitate to contact the administrator or moderators. We are always happy to assist with any question or issue you may have.
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